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Saturday & Sunday July 22nd & 23rd, 2017

Western New York & Pennsylvania Railroad

Car limit: 30
Excursion fee: $185.00
EC(s): Rob Piligian & the NEREX team

NEREX is pleased to announce 2 day, approximate 155 mile round trip excursion on the Western New York & Pennsylvania Railroad.
Our seton will be at the Meadville yard area (early seton Friday evening is anticipated). After the Safety Meeting Saturday morning, we will head northeast towards Corry, PA. Our journey will take us over the former Erie RR mainline, following various rail line relocations with many old bridges and the beautiful Northwest PA scenery. We will turn at Corry and return to Meadville. Approximate RT mileage for the Saturday portion of the weekend is 83 miles.
On Sunday we will head south into the oldest oil producing region in PA to Oil City, where we'll turn and return to Meadville. We will follow the twisting French Creek to Franklin and then run along the Alleghany River to Oil City. Approximate RT mileage for Sunday will be 72 miles.
Lodging details for the weekend will follow. Food and lodging will be on your own.
Come ride with NEREX and have a fabulous time on the WNY&P!!

Contact: Rob Piligian 
Cell: 610-739-0099
Email: robhp@verizon.net

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Saturday & Sunday August 26th & 27th, 2017

Lehigh Railway and Owego & Harford Railway

Car limit: 25
Excursion fee: $175.00
EC(s): Itchy Mead & the NEREX team

The NEREX team is pleased to announce our 5th annual excursion on the Lehigh Railway and Owego Harford Railway for Saturday, August 26 and Sunday, August 27, 2017. On Saturday we will travel approximately 105 Miles round Trip from Athens, Pa. to Myobeach, Pa. along the Susquehanna river. There are numerous twists and turns along the river with two large bridge crossings. This railroad is busy and we will have a couple of train meets.
Sunday we depart from Owego for an approximate 52 mile round trip to Harford, New York. On the way to Harford we will stop briefly at the Newark Valley station for a short rest stop. After turning the cars in Harford we will head back to the Newark Valley where lunch will be provided and is included as part of this excursion. We will then return to Owego for an early set off around 2pm to allow all an early start for home.
Due to the limited set-on space at Athens this trip will be limited to 25 cars and mentoring will not be available. Hyrails are permitted with prior permission. As with all NEREX excursions, this is a single excursion and no individual day discounts will be offered.
James (Itchy) Mead will be the excursion coordinator for this event, along with the NEREX Team.
Come ride with NEREX and have a Safe & Fabulous time on the Lehigh and Owego & Harford Railways.

Contact: Itchy Mead
Cell: 607-972-8217
Email: itchman99@aol.com

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Friday & Saturday, September 8th & 9th, 2017

Conway Scenic Railroad, Hazens to Conway, NH

Car limit: 30
Excursion fee: $315.00,including one overnight accommodation
EC(s):  Dan Peck & the NEREX team

NEREX is pleased to announce a 2 day overnight excursion in New Hampshire. On Friday we will set on at Hazens, NH. as we did last year. We will have a portapotty at the seton. From here we will proceed East on the former Maine Central Mountain Division. Our journey takes us through Crawford Notch, over the Willey Brook and Frankenstein trestles, down the mountain, through Bartlett, and Mountain Junction, to end of track in Redstone, where we turn and head back to Mountain Junction. From Mountain Junction we head South on the old Boston & Maine Conway Branch, through North Conway Depot and on to Conway, a distance of about seven mile. We turn at Conway and head North to our overnight tie down in North Conway.
Our tie down is behind our included Friday night accommodation at the Hampton Inn & Suites, situated next to the tracks, 2 or 3 miles South of North Conway depot. There are several restaurants within walking distance of the Hampton Inn. The hotel is hosting a wine and cheese reception for our group on the main floor upon arrival. Overnight security for the cars is being provided. Mileage for the day, will be about 63 miles.
On Saturday we depart the hotel for North Conway Depot where we will have a brief stop so everyone can take in what is to be seen at this historic location, also ground zero for Conway Scenic Railroad operations. From here we depart for our return trip up the mountain to Hazens in time for early afternoon setoff. Mileage for the day will be about 44 miles. For those of you thinking of staying through Sunday, you might want to consider Mount Washington Cog Railway on Sunday, or perhaps the Conway Scenic dinner train Saturday evening.
Even though it is early foliage season, we may see some evidence of the storied New England Fall foliage color.
Come ride with NEREX and have a fabulous time as we explore the Conway Scenic Railroad.
There will be a 30 car limit for this excursion. No hyrail trucks allowed, RR rules.

Contact: Dan Peck, along with the NEREX Team
Email: speederfan(5)comcast.net

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Sunday October 29th, 2017

Stourbridge Line Excursion

Car limit: 30
Excursion fee: $60.00
EC(s): Rob Piligian & the NEREX team

The NEREX team is pleased to announce our excursion over The Stourbridge Line for Sunday, October 29th, 2017. We will travel approximately 48 miles on a round trip from Honesdale, PA to Lackawaxen, PA along the Lackawaxen River. Numerous twists and turns along the River plus a stop at the Roebling Bridge Park in Lackawaxen are a few of the highlights of this day. We may interface with a train on the return leg of our excursion. This excursion will be limited to 30 motorcars total and there will be no mentoring available. The coast for this excursion is $60.00.
This excursion is being conducted on the same weekend at the MAMA excursion on the D-L Railroad in Scranton, PA, which is approximately 32 miles from Honesdale. The DL excursion will operate on Saturday the 28lh and you would need to register directly with MAMA for that trip. Your registration with NEREX for The Stourbridge Line does NOT include the D-L excursion. Please click MAMA for more information.
Please come and enjoy the fall foliage of Northeastern Pennsylvania with NEREX team.

Contact: Rob Piligian
Email: robhp@verizon.net

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