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                           ******* Save the Dates *******
October 19-22: Mass Coastal/Cape Cod Central/MBTA
200+miles, New Class 3 track, last shot before start of commuter rail service. Details pending. EC for this NEREX excursion is Gordy Wallick.

November 4-5: Snowflake
Concord to Lincoln & return, 140+/- miles. This is an overnight excursion. Details pending. EC for this NEREX excursion is Gordy Wallick.

NEREX, New England Rail Excursions, LLC, is an affiliate of NARCOA, North American Railcar Operators Association. We are a veteran group of professional railroaders and railcar owners with many decades of railroad experience between us.

Our mission is to promote the safe and legal use of motorcars, for the personal enjoyment of our members, by coordinating excursions on host railroads in the northeast, and the greater New England area in particular. We have no dues or formal membership. Every operator that attends one of our excursions automatically becomes a member of our organization. We maintain an email list of all our members for the purpose of keeping our members informed of our upcoming excursions and any other pertinent information. Anyone may join by simply requesting to be added to our email list.

                              We hope that you can join us on one of our excursions.

                                 SEE YOU ON THE RAILS!!