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Sunday, April 23rd, 2023

Finger Lakes Railway, NY

Car limit: 35
Excursion fee: $130
RT Mile(s): 62
EC: Gordy Wallick and the NEREX team

NEREX is pleased to announce an excursion on The Finger Lakes Railway. This single day excursion is scheduled for Sunday, April 23rd and compliments Eastern Railcar Associations' excursion on the Ithaca Central Railroad scheduled for Saturday, April 22nd.
Seton will be in Himrod, NY. From there we will travel North to Penn Yan where we will turn and then head South to Watkins Glen, our lunch stop. After lunch we will head North back to Himrod for setoff. Round trip mileage is approximately 62 miles.
We have set a 35 car limit for this excursion. As per NEREX policy, registration is on a first come, first serve basis, USPS at the address provided.
Thank You for supporting NEREX on this excursion.

Contact: Gordy Wallick
Email: highgreen204@msn.com

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Saturday & Sunday, May 6 & 7, 2023

Adirondack Railroad, NY

Car limit: 40
Excursion fee: $420
RT Mile(s): 300
EC: Keith Knowlton and the NEREX team

Join NEREX ECs Keith Knowlton, Gordy Wallick along with the rest of the NEREX Team on a 3 day 300 mile spring excursion on our host railroads; the Mohawk, Adirondack & Northern and the Adirondack.
Early seton will be at Remsen Depot Thursday afternoon with overnight security provided. After any Friday morning setons we will be departing south to Utica on the MA&N. We will turn the cars at Utica and return to Remsen for lunch. (Please bring your own lunch Friday). We will then head north to Booneville where we will turn again for the trip back to Remsen. At Remsen we will NOT setoff, but rather turn the cars and head north 30 miles to Thendara for the rest of the weekend. A bus will bring drivers back to Remsen to pick up tow vehicles after our arrival at Thendara. Anyone wishing to have their passenger get off at Remson and drive north to Thendara may do so.
Saturday we will head south mid morning 30 miles to Snow Junction with a bathroom stop at the Buffalo Head Restaurant. We'll turn the cars and run back to the Buffalo Head for the NEREX included main meal of the day; turkey, roast beef, or fish fry, after which we'll return to Thendara. About 7 Saturday evening we'll depart to the north for a 20 mile sunset/night run to Big Moose and back.
Sunday we'll go north 56 miles to Tupper Lake where we'll have NEREX included lunch at the depot and then back to Thendara for setoff. Total mileage for the weekend will be approximatly 300 and there is a 40 car limit. No trains or railbikes will be operating and the 85 miles of track from Snow Junction to Tupper Lake is brand new class 3 rail so it should be a great ride.
Keep in mind that this is early spring in northern New York and it might be darn chilly, which is the price we pay for having the rails all to ourselves. Also, I have been told that, depending on the weather, we might have black flies to deal with as well. Mosquito netting has been suggested.

Contact: Keith Knowlton
Email: keith@nerex.org

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Saturday & Sunday, August 12 & 13, 2023

Vermont Rail System

Excursion fee:  $570
RT Mile(s): 200
EC: Jesse Mazzie and the NEREX team

The NEREX team is pleased to announce 2023 excursion on the Vermont Rail System for Saturday, August 12 and Sunday, August 13, 2023. On Saturday we will travel ~100 rail miles from White River Junction, VT to Newport, VT along the Connecticut River. There are numerous twists and turns along the river with many bridge crossings.
We will spend Saturday night in Newport. One hotel room per car at the Newport City Inn & Suites is included. As part of this weekend package, we also include ground transportation in Newport, dinner Saturday night at the beautiful East Side Restaurant (directly on Lake Memphremagog), breakfast again at the East Side on Sunday morning and overnight security for your car at the Newport tie down. You will have your choice of 3 entrees for dinner Saturday evening, beef, chicken, or fish. Breakfast Sunday will be buffet. We will also include Sunday lunch.
Following breakfast Sunday, we will head back to White River Junction from Newport traveling back the same ~100 route miles. We will try and get back as early Sunday as we safely can.
We will be offering a seton Friday, August 11th from 3pm - 6pm. Overnight security will be provided for cars that set on Friday evening. As with all NEREX excursions, this is a single excursion, and no individual day discounts will be offered. Hy-Rails, gang motorcar and children under the age of 10 with prior approval only by EC Jesse Mazzie. All cars should be capable of maintaining 30mph safely and comfortably. Those unable or unwilling to do so should consider NOT registering for this excursion.
For your convenience, attached you will find a copy of the registration for this August 2023 NEREX Vermont Rail System Excursion.
As is NEREX policy, we only accept applications via US Postal Service. Send us your registration please.
Come ride with NEREX and have a Safe & Fabulous time on the Vermont Rail System.

Contact: Jesse Mazzie
Email: bnsfgp38@aol.com

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