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Friday, May 3rd Through Sunday, May 5th, 2024

NEREX Adirondack Weekend

Car Limit: 35
Excursion fee: $450
EC: Keith Knowlton & the NEREX Team

Join the NEREX Team for three days and over 300 miles of riding the rails in the Adirondacks before the trains and railbikes begin their seasons and we “own” the rails.
The weekend begins with optional early seton at Remsen Depot NY on Thursday afternoon where security will be provided for the cars left there overnight. Friday morning after our safety meeting we will proceed south to Utica on the Mohawk Adirondack and Northern Railroad (MA&N), turn the cars and return to Remsen Depot. You will need to provide your own lunch on Friday. Next we will proceed north to Booneville on the MA&N, turn and return to Remsen for a break. After turning at Remsen we’ll head north to Snow Junction where we will line the switch for the Adirondack Railroad tracks and proceed 30 miles to Thendara for the night. At Thendara a bus will take folks back to Remsen to pick up their tow vehicles. Approximately 100 track miles on Friday.
Saturday will begin with a trip south to Remsen for coffee and donuts and then a return to Thendara in time for folks to get lunch. Saturday afternoon we’ll run north, past Big Moose to Beaver River where we’ll turn and return to Thendara in time to get supper, followed by an evening/night run to Beaver River and back. Approximately 140 track miles on Saturday.
Sunday morning we’ll head north for 59 miles to the end of the tracks at Tupper Lake where lunch will be provided before heading south to Thendara for our setoff. Approximately 118 track miles on Sunday.
Price for the weekend is $450 and we have a 35 car limit. Hi-rails welcome with prior notification.

Contact: Keith Knowlton
Email: keith@nerex.org

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