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Cancellation & Refund Policy

We would much rather you come and enjoy the fun with us, but if you must cancel, we have a fair and simple policy with regard to refunds. We really don't want to keep your money.

Waiting List Policy

Registration Policy

Excursion slots on NEREX excursions are assigned when we receive the registration form and fee via US Postal Service. In fairness to all, NEREX DOES NOT accept, telephone, fax, email scans, or any other electronic means for excursion registration. The check and registration form at the address provided put you in the queue and guarantees the slot.

Fee Discounts

Excursion pricing is based on several factors, including such things as the number of railroads involved, mileage ridden, anticipated number of registrations, number of pilots required, insurance certificate fees, and of course, the fee charged by the host railroad(s). Once the excursion fee is calculated, the financial viability of an excursion is based on the assumption that all participants are paying the full fare. As such, NEREX policy does not allow for the "pick & choose" approach to excursion attendance. Unless otherwise advertised, all NEREX excursions are priced as an excursion package for the advertised dates. No discounts are available for participants wishing to attend only a portion of an excursion.

Homebuilt & Highly Modified Cars

NEREX encourages those who wish to go down this track, so to speak, to seek the advice of others in the hobby that have gone this way before. Motorcar design is not as straight forward as it might appear, and is NOT recommended for new members. NEREX policy is that any motorcar that falls into this category, that does not have a proven track record from prior excursions, will be subject to inspection and operating approval by NEREX. Inspection and approval is required by the EC of record, PRIOR to the day of the scheduled excursion, so as to avoid needless expense and disappointment. Additional information can be found on the NARCOA website, under the "Documents & Affiliates" tab, NARCOA Custom-built & Highly Modified Motorcar Guidelines.


NEREX participates in the NARCOA new member mentoring program. For those wishing to join the fun, contact us, and we will help you along tracks, so to speak, with an introduction to this fascinating and enjoyable hobby. Should you choose to join, we can advise you on purchasing a motorcar, and get you through the NARCOA mentoring process. All NEREX excursions, by default, are mentoring excursions, unless declared otherwise in our excursion announcements. Mentoring must be scheduled with advanced appointment. Contact Us for details.

NEREX Encourages New Members!!